I am not obese.  I am not a heavy drinker.  I don’t use illegal drugs.

Those are usually the things people expect when someone’s lifestyle is killing them.  There is so much more to an unhealthy lifestyle.   I do smoke, and I have an unhealthy diet.  I also hate exercising.  I know that I have to change all of that, and in this blog I will share my problems, successes and anything I learn.

I have watched enough of those shows that try to teach you to be healthy.  “Eat salmon!”  they say.  Salmon tastes horrible to me.  I do like some fish, but if I eat it more than twice a week, I start to hate it.  I’m sorry, guys, but a good steak beats fish any day of the week.  I feel no sense of satisfaction after eating fish.  Or chicken.  A good, rich sauce helps, but that defeats the purpose of eating fish and chicken.  The same thing goes for vegetables.  Broccoli or cauliflower naked?  Blah.  Throw a nice cheese sauce or hollandaise and I’m there.  Does anyone  really prefer them just by themselves?  Or prefer a bland, skinless chicken breast to a nice, juicy, flavorful steak, or good smokey fall-off-the-bone ribs?  Or bacon?  I’ve never seen someones mouth water at the sight or smell of chicken, unless it’s fried.  I have, however, seen the staunchest vegan start to drool at the slightest whiff of bacon.

I do enjoy apples, grapefruit (at least a good Texas red), grapes and other fruit.  Wouldn’t you rather have a thick, creamy chocolate malt instead? So would I.  It doesn’t help that most of the flavor has been bred out of most fruits, or that the texture of most apples is kind of mealy unless you are lucky enough to get them when they are very fresh.

Smoking?  I am very addicted to nicotine.  The thought of quitting gives me anxiety.  So, of course, I grab a cigarette.

Exercise just bores me.  I love walking in the woods, but there aren’t any anywhere near me.  There is nothing of interest to make a walk enjoyable.  I also enjoy physical labor – digging up a lawn to reseed it, anything like that.  The gym is an annoying place, and also inconvenient.  If I had a workout partner and/or a gym that was reasonably close, I would be more likely to use it.  I have never experienced the feeling of accomplishment after a long workout.

That’s it for now.  I am open to suggestions, tips, etc.